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An orthopedic surgeon for more than 30 years, Dr. James Rector has extensive experience in hip and knee replacement procedures. When Birmingham Hip Resurfacing became available in the United States in May 2006, Dr. Rector was excited to be the first Colorado surgeon to offer it. He has performed more than 900 Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Schedule a consultation todaysurgeries since June 2006.

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing offers younger patients the possibility of returning to more active lifestyles. In Dr. Rector’s practice, early results have been as good or better than those for conventional total hip replacements.

If you’re interested in hip resurfacing, contact Dr. Rector at Boulder Orthopedics today for more information and a consultation.


At 45-years-old I had found that an old soccer injury and a bike crash left me with severe hip pain. I was having significant pain with running and even noticed difficulty walking longer than one mile.  Running was so painful that my participation in triathlons and local running events was becoming obsolete. After a painful ironman triathlon experience I finally decided to visit Dr. Rector and his staff to consider Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. Two years after surgery, I am glad to say that having the surgery was the best decision I could have made.  I am currently participating in triathlon competitions (including ironman), I hiked 48 miles through the Grand Canyon and I am actively competing in local running events - all without pain.

Dr. Rector and his staff are clearly the top hip specialists in the country and their professional approach to the whole process was exemplary. Special thanks to Dr. Rector and the Boulder Orthopedics staff for changing my life.

Bob Cranny

I had my right BHR in September 2008 and my left BHR one year later. I couldn't be more pleased with my complete recovery. Just before my second surgery I was able to road bike 100 miles over a 10,000+ ft. pass in one day with a group of friends, all of whom were quite a bit younger. Now with my second hip I am able to compete on the tennis court with opponents of national ranking and am planning a bike ride from Ft. Meyers, Fla. to Key West. Also with some great physical therapy and five sessions of yoga a week it only took 4 months to get back on the tennis courts. I can't thank you enough for accepting me as a candidate for the BHR surgeries and for the terrific job you did.

Chip Smith

As a 57 year old retired CEO with over thirty years of experience in the medical device industry, I have been in hospitals and ICUs around the world. My experience with Dr. Rector, his staff, and the entire team at Boulder Community Hospital (BCH) can only be described as exemplary. After doing my research online for alternatives to a total hip replacement (whose post implant long term activity restrictions were unacceptable for my lifestyle); I found the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) procedure, and that Dr. James Rector of Boulder was one of the top BHR surgeons in the country. I should have known that my experience with Dr. Rector was going to be special when after leaving a request on his web site for a consultation I got a call from him that evening answering any questions I had about the procedure and giving me a number to call for an office appointment. Having been diagnosed a year earlier with advanced osteoarthritis of both hips, I spent a year with a personal trainer attempting to “train” my way out of pain. Within 12 months, the pain in my left hip was significant enough to stop me from golfing and riding my motorcycle, and I had developed a significant limp.

My experience started with my preoperative visit with Dr. Rector where he fully explained my pre-operative preparation, the surgical procedure, potential complications, and post-operative rehabilitation program. BCH then took over as I attended a class to prepare me for the surgery and post-operative recovery, and I had the most thorough pre-operative interview regarding my medical history that I have had in my entire life. It was very clear from my entire experience at BCH that everything they do is driven by improving clinical outcomes, and every clinician I met repeated this same mantra. My first surgery went very smoothly, arriving home two days after surgery and only using two crutches for the first day. I was walking with a cane within 5 days of surgery, and started walking increased distances outside within 10 days of surgery, stopping the use of a cane just after two weeks. The post-operative outpatient physical therapy with the Boulder Orthopedics team was challenging, and got me back to the gym on the elliptical and lifting weights within 4 weeks of surgery.

I had my second BHR procedure on my right hip 6½ weeks after my first and the overall experience was the same if not better. In this case, I left the hospital the day after surgery about 24 hours post-op. As I write this it is two weeks since my second BHR surgery, I am walking over 4 miles a day outside, and looking forward to getting back in the gym, and resuming my active lifestyle in the spring.

Rodger Stewart

Woman Golfer

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