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The BIRMINGHAM HIP™ Resurfacing System (BHR™) is the global market leading hip resurfacing system with over 100,000 implantations worldwide. Introduced in 1997, the BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing System was designed using knowledge gained from first generation metal-on-metal total hips and a thorough understanding of hip resurfacing principles.

This successful, bone conserving total hip system is well documented through independent clinical and laboratory studies. Additional clinical evidence supporting the BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing System is published in multiple registries. This bone conserving procedure, combined with the virtual elimination of dislocation and excellent survivorship make the BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing ideal for the younger or more active patient.

Available in the Denver area

Previously available only outside the United States, the BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing System received U.S. FDA approval in May, 2006.  Shortly thereafter Dr. James Rector, here in the Denver area, became the first surgeon in Colorado performing the procedure. 

Dr. James Rector & Hip Resurfacing

An orthopedic surgeon for over 25 years, Dr. Rector has extensive experience in hip and knee replacement procedures. When Birmingham Hip Resurfacing became available in the United States in May 2006, Dr. Rector was excited to be the first Colorado surgeon to offer it. He has performed more than 900 Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgeries since June 2006.

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing offers younger patients the possibility of returning to more active lifestyles. In Dr. Rector’s practice, early results have been as good or better than those for conventional total hip replacements.

If you’re interested in hip resurfacing, contact Dr. Rector at Boulder Orthopedics today for more information and a consultation.

With over 25 years of experience in hip and knee procedures, Dr. James Rector was the first surgeon to perform Birmingham Hip Resurfacing in greater Denver, Colorado.

James B. Rector, MD, of Boulder (near Denver) Orthopedics (near Denver) performed the first BHR in the state of Colorado. Dr. Rector is one of about 100 U.S. orthopedic surgeons trained to perform this revolutionary technique.
Resurfaced hip joint

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