Hip Resurfacing - in Colorado (for Fort Collins Residents)

What is Hip Resurfacing?

Hip resurfacing is intended for young, active adults who are under 60 years of age and in need of a hip replacement. Adults over 60 who are living non-sedentary lifestyles may also be considered for this procedure. However, this can only be further determined by a review of your bone quality.

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing preserves as much bone in the femoral head as possible, making it a more natural and anatomical replacement of the hip than conventional replacement.

Part of mainstream European orthopedics for a decade, hip resurfacing is now available right here in the Rocky Mountain West, making it unnecessary for patients to travel overseas for the procedure.

Now available close to Fort Collins

Hip Implant
Hip implant resurfacing
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An orthopedic surgeon for over 25 years, Dr. James Rector has extensive experience in hip and knee replacement procedures. When Birmingham Hip Resurfacing became available in the United States in May 2006, Dr. Rector was excited to be the first Colorado surgeon to offer it.

He has performed more than 900 Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgeries since June 2006.  Birmingham Hip Resurfacing offers younger patients the possibility of returning to more active lifestyles. In Dr. Rector’s practice, early results have been as good or better than those for conventional total hip replacements.

If you’re interested in hip resurfacing, contact Dr. Rector at Boulder Orthopedics (not far from Fort Collins) today for more information and a consultation.   

What are the Benefits?

Now there's a way for the young and active to become pain free a little sooner, with a solution that can last for decades. It's called Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) - a revolutionary new alternative to total hip replacement now available from Dr. James Rector of Boulder, Colorado.

  • Pain relief that lasts a long time - Total hip replacements often last about 15 years, but BHR implants stay strong for decades. Studies show that BHR reduces joint wear by 97 percent when compared to conventional hip replacement.
  • Much more resilient - During hip replacement, surgeons put in a metal ball and plastic socket. It's the plastic hardware that wears out. Instead, BHR uses an all-metal ball and socket, ensuring that the new joint lasts longer.
  • Saves the bone that's there - With traditional hip replacement, the surgeon removes a lot of bone. Not with BHR. Worn-out hip joints are resurfaced rather than completely replaced. This bone-saving difference is important. Since a BHR patient's hip anatomy is closer to normal, they enjoy increased stability and range of movement.
  • Lets you return to high-impact sports - After traditional hip replacement, a person is advised to give up jogging, skiing and other high-impact sports-permanently-or risk dislocating or loosening the new hip. With BHR, you don't have to slow down. You can return to an active lifestyle.

Is it Safe and Successful?

The Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry reports BHR as having the lowest revisions per 100 observed 'component' years when comparing all resurfacing implants used.

Other clinical studies have focused on predictive measurements to project long-term survivorship of the resurfaced femoral head. Researchers at the University of Oxford used roentgen stereophotogrammetric analysis (RSA) to measure the stability of the femoral head. At 24 months, the total three-dimensional migration of the head was not statistically significant at 0.2mm.

Previous studies have shown that implants that loosen quickly have rapid early migration. According to the authors, these results suggest the BHR femoral component is an inherently stable device predicting a good long-term performance.



James B. Rector, MD, of Boulder (near Fort Collins) Orthopedics performed the first BHR in the state of Colorado. Dr. Rector is one of the most experienced surgeons performing the BHR procedure in the United States.
Resurfaced hip joint

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